Brothers Come Home

Written and photographed

By Jude Bautista

My nephew Jay Bautista and his lovely wife Linnel’s wedding last March here in the Philippines was an opportunity for family and friends to come from all over the world to join in the celebration. This is especially true of the bride’s family as well, Linnel’s brother Nathan and sisters (Debbie, Angela and Lilet) came from the U.S.. A great number of their family and friends have come from abroad.

My own brother Donald who is now based in Roswell, New Mexico for the past year has come back home with us. And two of my other brothers George and Noel have come from the cities of Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand.

From left: Dr. Donald Bautista with son Alfonso Bautista. Photo by Jude Bautista

Mother of the groom, Joy has a number of family who arrived: JC Mallonga with wife Bonnie Lou and children, John T Mallonga. John T has been in New York for the past 7 years without coming back until now.

Groomsman John T Mallonga has not been back to the Philippines for 7 years until Jay and Linnel’s wedding last March 2nd, 2017. Photo by Jude Bautista

Many other relatives have come from different parts of the world to share this momentous occasion. Since there were several dates of celebration and in between many more dinners and get togethers, a large amount of photos have accumulated.

From left: Lilybeth Tan Ng, Annabelle Tan Go and Rolinda Uy. Photo by Jude Bautista

Thank God for facebook, wordpress and even flickr I am able to post photos and share them with the people who have been kind enough to attend the celebrations. Special mention to our friends and schoolmates from St Peter the Apostle School who welcomed George almost on a yearly basis or as frequent as he is able to come back. We never take any of that for granted, as both George and I are alumni of SPAS.

My brother Timmy, the father of the groom also has a long list of people who helped organize the Conrad’s Reception and make it a resounding success. This post, the photos here are our own small way of thanking them and all of you.

These days we may find that distance and time may separate us from the people who matter to us. There are fewer and fewer opportunities to say ‘thank you’ and even ‘I love you’. We never get to express it enough, not even to each other in the family. So in these smiles we hope that you do see our gratitude and love for all of you.

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Groomsman John T Mallonga has not been back to the Philippines for 7 years until Jay and Linnel’s wedding last March 2nd, 2017. Photo by Jude Bautista

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