I Actually Called Piolo: Sam!

Piolo just laughs off my disastrous mistake of calling him ‘Sam’. Armand Del Rosario also thinks it’s funny. I was looking for a hole to hide in but it was all good.

Written and photographed

By Jude Bautista

It was the worst faux pas that I’ve ever committed in public in front of celebs, the press, TV news crews, bloggers etc. Last Saturday at the “It’s Time Awards” of Sun Life, the endorsers were seated at a table. When they arrived we were in front of the table and one photographer asked them to compress. Piolo Pascual was too far from Azkals’ Armand del Rosario. So I  yelled in Piolo’s direction and called him, “Sam please sit nearer Armand!”

Sun Life endorsers at the It’s Time Awards: from left: Piolo Pascual, Armand del Rosario, Anton Del Rosario, Pia Magallona and Bam Aquino. Photo by Jude Bautista

He looked startled at first then he smiled, then the whole group laughed. Pia Magallona said, “We all heard that!” I quickly apologized and told them I was dizzy from someone else talking about “Sam.”

Sun Life Pres. and CEO Rizza Mantaring. Behind her is their tag line It’s Time which reminds me of Bruce Buffer.

About an hour before they arrived I was seated at another table with Orange Magazine peeps. And for some reason two of them kept on talking about someone named Sam. It may not have even been Sam Milby. The name Sam just kept on swimming in my head for some reason. I’m not blaming anyone else, it’s all me.

Sun Life endorsers at the It’s Time Awards: Piolo is seated too far from Anton del Rosario while the Azkal playah tries to feed Pia Magallona some chips (who thinks about it).

Later on, when I thought about the implication to Piolo Pascual I was so embarrassed and guilty even more. There was this issue in the past of Lolit Solis speculating that he and Sam were lovers which led to law suits etc. I was just so glad that Piolo didn’t take offense or think that I was being insulting. He didn’t think twice about it and just had a good laugh. Jeman Villanueva Publisher of Orange Magazine said, “And to think that he’s the biggest movie star we have now.” (Referring to the fact that he didn’t get mad about my calling him Sam)

Pia flashes the cut sign to the video crews shooting them.

I completely agree with Jeman. Piolo really is genuinely a positive and easy going person. Every time I shoot him, he’s got a good vibe. Even inside ABS CBN where they telecast shows, audiences are requested not to touch or ask for photos with Piolo. And yet the nearest girls within arms length do precisely that when they go to a commercial break! He never gets mad, puts his arm around them and always has a smile on his face.

Standing from left: Sun Life Digital Mktg. Specialist Tara Cabullo, Sun Life Chief Mktg. Officer Mylene Lopa, Sun Life Strategic Mktg Mgr. Carla Gonzalez, Ofelia Dayang, Juan Dayang Sr. (representing Juan Dayang Jr.-Wealth Wonder awardee), Edmund Lao-Investment Savvy Star Awardee, Tomas Abesamis (representing Romeo Francisco-Retirement Champion awardee), Esperanza Yu-Family Icon Awardee, Sun Life PR & Corp. Communication Iquit Lintag, Sun Life Product Mktg Analyst Marie Estimada and Sun Life Foundation Exec Dir. Veronica Estrella. Bottom row: Sun Life Creative Services Specialist TJ Reyes, Sun Life Integrated Events Che Cuchapin, Sun Life Strategic Mktg. Mgr. Job Miradora, Sun Life Events Coordinator Lito Escoto, Sun Life PR Specialist Lalie Rosales-Novero and Sun Life Graphic artist Lex Murillo. Photo by Jude Bautista.

In the It’s Time awards and Sunset Run launch, Piolo had a chance to talk about his favorite charity Hebreo 12:1 foundation which aims to “bring lasting and meaningful changes in the lives of Filipino families. And offer comfort, strength, peace, hope and serenity during difficult times brought about by calamities or hardships.” The proceeds from both the Sunset Run and the Sunpiology planner will benefit Hebreo 12:1 foundation. I’m sorry PJ I’ll make sure to NOT call you Sam again.

Piolo just laughs off my disastrous mistake of calling him ‘Sam’. Armand Del Rosario also thinks it’s funny. I was looking for a hole to hide in but it was all good.

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