Sister Stella L / 1984 - Directed by Mike De Leon - Produced by Regal Films - Gawad Urian Best Actress Vilma Santos and Urian Best Supporting Actress Laurice Guillen on set at a side street near Evangelista st. Makati. The film swept 10 Gawad Urians including awards for best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay.- From 35mm black & white film negative to black & white print. - 76 x 102 cm. Photo by Cesar Hernando

Written by

Jude Bautista

Unbeknownst to the public there is an even more shocking exhibit near where “Kulo: Gathering of UST Artists” was exhibited also in the CCP. “Mula Sa Aninong Gunagalaw-Behind the Scenes 1971-2001”, a photo exhibit by Cesar Hernando which runs from July 15 to August 28, 2011 at the Bulwagang Fernando Amorsolo (Small Gallery) 4F Cultural Center of the Philippines.

One photo shows Laurice Guillen as a svelte, young pretty nun beside Vilma Santos circa 1984 for the film “Sister Stella L”. To those who are more familiar with Guillen as Cinemalaya Competition Director, there is a certain amount of shock value. Although still pretty, she looks entirely different. Personally I know that Direk Laurice has a long list of acting accolades. I remember her most from the Flordeluna series with Janice De Belen in the early eighties. As if that’s not shocking enough the multiple Urian award winning film “Sister Stella L” was actually produced by Regal Films.

Laurice Guillen today from right: Ina Feleo, Laurice Guillen (the actress, film maker and Cinemalaya Competition director), Peque Gallaga (one of the greatest Filipino Film makers of all time) Ana Feleo. Photo was taken during the “Amok” gala July 17, 2011 by Jude Bautista.

The Cinemalaya 2011 opening film ‘Maskara’ directed by Laurice Guillen was based on her family’s experience of losing husband Johnny Delgado. They cast actors who were real life friends of the couple. In one scene they were relating real life experiences. Mark Gil remembered Delgado’s description of Laurice, “Tinitignan ko pa lang siya nilalabasan nako!”  (The very sight of her gives me an orgasm). Guillen’s daughter Ina Feleo has gotten her mother’s sultry looks, dark alluring eyes.

All of the photographs in the exhibit are breathtaking. For all Filipino film fans it gives a deep insight in the recent history of the industry. For photographers, it’s a chance to fall in love with the grainy, gritty emotional look of film. Even as a young child I remember the film “Sister Stella L” was banned for being subversive during the Marcos regime. Now we look at it and wonder what was so offensive about it that a dictatorial regime would be so threatened. It would be a crying shame if they closed this exhibit too.

Pagdating Sa Dulo / 1971- Directed by Ishmael Bernal - Produced by Frankesa Films -National Artist Ushmael Bernal directs Eddie Garcia who plays a director in this film- within-a-film. It was the first completed work of Bernal and the first film work of photographer Cesar Hernando. – From 5’ x7” scanned black and white print (35mm black & white print 61 x 91.5 cm Photo by Cesar Hernando

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