NBA Champ Rick Carlisle says ‘Major, major..’ too

Mavs coach Rick Carlisle during the post championship press con

Written by

Jude Thaddeus L. Bautista

After the Mavericks won the Larry O’Brien trophy and the ceremonies was the press con. Dallas coach Rick Carlisle is always the source of many brilliant quotes, if not a clear and concise understanding of the game and series that enfolded. He was Coach of the Year for 2009 and was basking in the glory of the first ever championship for the Dallas Mavericks. So possibly, a billion viewers from around the world were hanging on his every word. Everyone he met was telling him how billions were for the Mavs and not the Heat.

The Mavericks' championship belt

The first question was what he was most proud of after all the adversity? Carlisle said, “A lot of people don’t think we’re mentally tough. This is as mentally tough a team as I’ve been around and I’ve played for some tough Bostonteams in the 80’s with four Hall of famers (Bird, Dennis Johnson, Kevin McHale Robert Parish). What these guys were able to do collectively, guys like Cardinal, Mahinmi, Barea. These guys played major, major roles in an elimination game in a championship series. You can’t dismiss how everybody stayed ready and how everybody answered the bell. I’m just really proud to be around this group.

From left: Venus Raj w Supafest promoters Winston Llamas and Charmaine Lim of Wilbros Inc. Supafest concert featured Flo Rida, Sean Kingston and many others, photo by Jude Bautista

Apart from a lot of his insights it was the phrase ‘major major’ that caught my attention which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that phrase is correct and usable. It’s almost an inside joke for Filipinos, our Miss Universe candidate and finalist Venus Raj got so much flak for saying ‘Major, major..’ in her response to the question in the final stages of the biggest beauty pageant in the world.

Since that time ‘major, major’ has become a catch phrase in the Philippines. And is the title for the column of Raj for Phil Star. I’m one of many Venus Raj fans out there, I believe she has a huge future not just as a as spokesperson, but maybe even have a foray in show business. Take that all of you Venus haters! Rick Carlisle used the phrase and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Rick Carlisle gets bathed in champagne by Tyson CHandler

For a lot of sports analysts what Carlisle says is gold. Now that he’s won the cup it takes what he says to a higher level. The post press cons aired by btv are just a huge resource of information for everyone not just writers or the media. I can never over emphasize how important they are. Included below are my favorite quotes from Carlisle post championship win:

“First of all, as I mentioned on the court our owner is now available for interviews. I’m so happy for him, I’m so happy for the organization. The Mavericks is a class organization as is the Miami Heat. A few minutes after the game at Riley came down to congratulate us and he showed unbelievable class. I know Mr. Arison a little bit. We hold them in high regard. They’re a terrific team their time will come but now it’s our time. I’d like to say ‘Hi’ to Dona and Abby. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Jason Kidd during the post game press con

“This is a very special team I’ve ever been around. Because it’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what you can do.  It’s not about our shortcomings; it’s about what we can accomplish as a group together. In my third year I’ve learned so much from these guys especially Jason Kidd. His view of the game is so different. He’s savant like it’s a thrill and privilege to spend time with him. I don’t think there’s any doubt that Dirk has earned the clout of one of the all time greats, his versatility, what he’s done in the clutch. He goes 1 for 12 in the first half in the second half he was just absolute money. I wanna thank Coach Tim Girgrich who came on board with us this year on a part time basis. He made a big difference for us. I wana thank Don Kalkstein who’s our director of Sports Psych who is a phenomenal resource not only for me but for our players.”

Jason Terry during the post game press con

“Jason Terry was phenomenal tonight, 11 for 16, 27 points. This guy is willing to come off the bench. I just can’t tell you what it means as a coach to have guys like that committed to winning and are willing to make those kinds of sacrifices.”

You said you needed crazy guys at this part of the year, what was it like having Jason Terry talk the way he did?

“We have a lot of guys who has questionable sanity not just him. (people laugh)  A series like this gets personal. Guys say things, they do it to get themselves going. We have the incident with the camera and the coughing all that stuff. You get to game 6 and it gets personal. They were not going to be denied. Dirk and Jet had to live for five years with what happened in 2006. As of tonight those demons are officially destroyed. It’s a colossal statement not just about our team but about the game in general, playing a certain way, trusting the pass, playing collectively, believing in each other. Our team is not about individual ability, it’s about collective will, collective guts. We’re skilled and talented too but our game’s on the ground. And the guys we’re playing, their game was in the air. Fortunately as the series went on we stayed on the ground long enough to be able to win it.”

Dirk Hugs the Jet w their imminent championship

2 thoughts on “NBA Champ Rick Carlisle says ‘Major, major..’ too

  1. I heard the phrase also a number of times even from newscasters and politicians. So it is perfectly correct – for emphasis just like when say, “much better looking”, “absolutely very gorgeous”, etc.

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