Charice: ‘Just Following Oprah’ WHY she supposedly snubbed media

Charice smartly answers reporter’s questions. Photo by Jude Bautista

Written and photographed

By Jude Thaddeus L. Bautista

The first time I was really able to meet and interview Charice was a thanksgiving press con December of 2009 (way before the Glee casting). The previous interviews and press cons were chaotic with dozens of media people asking questions and requesting for photos…with them. And I distinctly remember Charice waiting for each writer and photographer who walked in, greeting them with open arms and a very Filipino beso beso (kiss on the cheek). It created a lasting impression on me that someone like her treated journalists as family. Assuming it was just a gesture on her part, it was extremely affectionate and humbling for her to do that.

Controversies of her avoiding fans and media before or during the 1@11 concert broke out just a few weeks back. It was obvious (to me at least) that there was a plausible explanation. Local showbiz writers, bloggers immediately put their two cents in saying that Charice’s success has gone to her head. Twitter comments were particularly painful which is a site she visited often. To anyone and everyone who personally knows her or has had some personal meeting would know that’s just not the case.

GMA’s Nelson Canlas welcomes Charice with a beso beso. Photo by Jude Bautista

Charice's beso beso w tv reporter

Everyone in the lounge waited with bated breath for her plane to land. We were there for her latest press con at the airport for a Valentine’s TV Special to be aired Feb 13 on GMA network. She got through the gates and guess what, media men started kissing and hugging her just like before. Nelson Canlas, ABS CBN reporters, Sel Guevara of TV5 all gave her the familiar hug and beso beso (kiss kiss). This time however it was just her mom Racquel holding her hand while walking and while the cameras surrounded her. Her top level international managers were not present for this trip.

Charice was able to explain that for the concert her American managers, who accompanied her then thought it best to whisk her away from the media when she arrived at the airport. She tried to explain to the manager (who will remain unnamed) that Filipino fans and media are so used to her having personal contact with them. The manager was so strict that no interviews of any kind were allowed. It was such a huge turn around from media who are so used to ambushing her for blurbs or quick comments. That same manager did not even want her to mention her involvement with the show Glee, which she plugged during her concert. All reporters gasped and then laughed in unison when Charice revealed, “Kahit nag Tatagalog tayo ngayon tinatranslate nila yon! (Even if we’re speaking in Tagalog now they’ll translate it).”

Charice with Sel Guevara of TV5. Photo by Jude Bautista

Charice has become such an international phenomenon that Oprah Winfrey herself has taken a personal interest in handling her career. Charice also said that all her TV projects in the U.S. were personally approved by Oprah. She auditioned for a half dozen TV projects which included some with Disney. And yet it was “Glee” that got the 100% go signal from Oprah thinking that she’d be perfect for the part and show.

Charice w Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Tita Ria , cousin Lestat and GMA reporter Nelson Canlas also shows off his Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Photo by Jude Bautista

Charice's pasalubong to wide eyed cousin Lestat is a PSP

The idea that she HAS TO BE shielded from overzealous fans and even at times media is the safer more conservative way of thinking that is applied to ALL international artists.

Charice takes the time to pose with PDI Music Editor Pocholo Concepcion. Photo by Jude Bautista

Charice takes the time to pose with PEP Editor Jocelyn Dimaculangan. Photo by Jude Bautista

As Filipinos however, we have yet to let go of the concept that she’s strictly and only ‘ours.’

Charice’s Beloved FILIPINA manager Grace Mendoza with Nelson Canlas. Photo by Jude Bautista

Charice w Samsung Galaxy Tablet pretends to use it as an ordinary phone

From right: Jay Are Oro canto, Sel Guevara, Charice, Mommy Racquel and Mark Eribal of the TV5 News Crew. Photo by Jude Bautista

There are so many Filipino talents that have captured the attention of the world stage. Lea Salonga for example was (and still is) the best name as a performer with the success of Miss Saigon, then Les Miserable and now CATS. The huge difference between them is that Lea was always identified with her stage background like Repertory and that formal even elitist persona.

Karl assists ‘ate’ Charice getting on their Ford E-150 Van. Photo by Jude Bautista

Charice on the other hand came from humble beginnings and had to overcome a lot of difficulties, not least of which is her parents’ separation. But precisely because of her background millions upon millions of Filipinos identify with her MORE. There are times when I look at her and see her as a little sister who’s grown up and conquered beyond what anyone can imagine. As much as we Filipinos would like to claim her as our own, she’s much bigger than that. She belongs to the world now.

32 thoughts on “Charice: ‘Just Following Oprah’ WHY she supposedly snubbed media

    • Thank you so much Jianee! You don’t know how much I appreciate your comment. Just knowing that someone cared enough to comment on it is a big deal to me. Please come back to read other blog entires here and feel free to comment positive or negative. thanks again!

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  2. Nicely written not solely in defense of Charice press recent issues but more on your personal insights and understanding of the events you witnessed. Photos are great and captures the unstated. truly Charice belongs to the world. I am happy for people to think beyond Charice, the artist/singer, but to which Charice represents. Charice has become an inspiration to many people not only for the youth but also for the grown-ups. She is truly an artist for all generations.

    • What a wonderful observation, thank you. Blogs and the internet is a great tool for discussion. Comments are not just welcome but important. Please comment on my other articles here. Thanks again!

  3. what a great article about charice. It’s definitely true she’s not just a simple filipina girl that she used to be. She now belongs to the world and inspired many people. Dreams do come true. Thanks so much, i hope u keep writing a fair article about charice not like others. ^_^.

  4. Am to glad to see there are actually members of the press who are ethical and writes sensibly unlike other reporters I see who are set to destroy someone else’s career. Keep up the good work no matter who you are writing about.

  5. Hi there Jude,
    Thank you for an intelligently written article about Charice! I love the photos too. And, just to let you know that I’ve included your Blog in “my favorites”. Kudos!

    • Thank you so much Lucky Rain Orig! i’m flattered and thankful. Please read my other blog entries and comment on them I’d appreciate it. Your email is in Cali but i have the feeling you’ll understand when i write na kakataba ng puso. if you can please add me on facebook or ‘like’ the fan page of the blog. Happy Chinese New Year.

  6. In my opinion, this is the best article/write up about charice’s recent homecoming.. You’ve really pictured well who our beloved princess truly is – a humble and happy little girl. 🙂 Thank you so much Mr. Jude Bautista. Congratulations to someone like you who sees someone’s goodness beyond all the issues. God bless you..

  7. I really am happy & thankful of the articles, photos that you posted for Charice which indeed gave me a glimpse of how Filipinos welcomed her every time she’s in our country. Truly, the thing speaks for itself. I’m a Dentist here in Jeddah, and Charice already is a part of my everyday routine here. We all are proud of her. Again more power to you & to all who believed in her.

    • Maraming Salamat Ces! If you can recommend the web page to your friends in Jeddah (or anywhere) that would be much appreciated. Please read and comment on the other blog entries too, thank you. Our kababayans like you abroad are true heroes.

  8. THank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with Charice Jude. Sad to see that there are still such derelicts and degenerates amongst a supposedly respectable and honorable media community and profession such as yours. Although we abroad realize this is more the exception than the rule, it speaks very poorly of the the society which allows such unethical and disdainful behaviour and attitude.

    • Hi Jessica! Thank you for the comment. As i wrote in another reply sometimes people write emotionally and not look at facts. They aren’t necessarily bad people or have bad intentions. Although it may seem like that. I was SO impressed with the maturity of how Charice took those comments. She’d say that they’re entitled to their own opinion and respects their freedom to have them. That’ s an important aspect of a free society, as they say ‘I may not agree with what you’re saying but I will defend your right to say it’. Of course this is limited with laws against LIBEL etc. Please come back here and comment again if you can.

  9. Jude, kudos to you for presenting your personal experience on the real Charice.
    The best article on the real Charice, unlike what ABS-CBN and some of its showbiz reporters are trying to frame Charice as a snub.
    This article should be read by other journalists who are after the truth and those crabby reporters along with the public who believed in the half-truths of ABS-CBN.

    • Hi kb117! To be fair to ABS CBN they were also able to present Charice’s side as far as that particular press con was concerned. There were also ABS CBN reporters who greeted her that time. As to the previous reports or press cons I wasn’t at the airport or at Enchanted Kingdom when the supposed snubs took place. SHE proved to them how nice she is, thats for sure. Thank you for your kind words about this entry. Feel free to comment about the other entries here too.

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  11. Thanks A Lot..for clearly explaining the position of our dear Charice… we are from Toronto, Canada.

    More power to you..and continue your good and fair work.

    • Thank you for the kind words Ben. I’m just amazed w the power of the internet. it brings us all together, whether you’re in Canada or Philippines. Please come back here and comment on my other entries. i have a Janet Jackson concert report coming up too.

    • Hi Mike, thank you for commenting. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion. But I think Ellen De Generes, Oprah Winfrey and David Foster are ALL in a better position to judge singing talent. They’ve all been so blown away by her skill and talent that they’ve become involved in promoting her to the WORLD. And one of the reasons I’m so tolerant and appreciative of YOUR comment is because of Charice. I’ve seen her react so matter-of- factly and calmly to baseless opinions on her. She has shown so much maturity and generosity in this respect. Thank you again and please comment on the other articles in this site as well.

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