Ghost Like Tanya Markova

Photos by Jude Bautista

Tanya Markova had a presscon for their self titled album launch. i just tried to shoot them the way they sound and look. They’re a very entertaining live band.  I’d like to call their music schizo rock. they combine mellow, pop with metal and punk.  Their biggest hit “Picture Picture” has already invaded the free ring back tune list. Just key in PICTURE to 2728 for Smart or KHO73 and send to 2332 for Globe.

Mow mow is the Entertainer of the band. Tanya Markova may be the only band to have one

There are no Photoshop effects in these shots by the way. I like creating effects within the cam or old school style.

Vocalist Norma Love

Members include: Norma Love (vocals), Iwa Motors (back up vocals), Heart Abunda (Keyboardist), Rez  Curtis (guitars), Skrobak Iskopanjo (bass), Ruffa Mae Milby (drummer), Mowmow (entertainer) and Jenelyn Sucaldito (guitarist)

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